These classes are designed to teach you and your partner how to give each other a worthwhile, therapeutic massage that is beneficial for both the giver and receiver.  Doing this work together, you will feel better physically while strengthening the bond and depth of your personal relationship.  

**in an effort to be completely transparent, all of my sessions are filmed on my phone or computer, and edited by me.  The video and audio quality is good, but I am a pro at massage and movement education, not filming and editing. :)  

Loving Embrace

This arm and hand sequence will bring increased blood and nerve flow while releasing tension from use and repetitive motions.  If you are new to doing partner massage, this is a great one to start with.  

Back Body Smoosh: 

Upper Body

The  effective sequence will teach you how to give a deep compressive back massage to your partner while gaining strength in your arms and legs. 

Back Body Smoosh:

Lower Body

In this second class in the two part series, back body smoosh, you learn how to give a deep compression massage on your partner's lower body using your feet and knees while standing or sitting in a chair.  

The Ultamate Chair Massage

The is a great sequence for givers that find it challenging to get down on the ground. You will get strong in the legs and hands while providing a beneficial massage for your partner.

Turn off the Fight or Flight

This sequence focuses on creating a deep opening in the chest  and front ribs area where tightness and tension builds up from stress and over stimulation.   

Swedish Flow:

Shoulders and Neck

This is a foundational Swedish style massage for the upper shoulders, neck, and head.  This is a stand alone sequence for relaxation and increased blood and lymph flow.  It can also be used as a warm up sequence for deeper massage work or passive stretching of the shoulders and neck.  

The Sacred Center

This session will teach you how to give a a safe and effective abdominal massage that will help build trust and support  in your relationship!  Belly massage can be helpful in balancing digestion, stress, and muscle tension.  

Stretch it Out!  Hips and Legs

This 45 minute sequence is focused on relaxing and stretch the legs and hip through passive and active stretching.

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"Winter has a gift for bringing anatomy to life. She uses a multi-layered approach to help you understand and sense anatomy concepts in your own body. And most of all, she holds a humble, playful energy where awkward is the new normal and where anything is possible. " - Catherine F. 




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