Yoga Conditioning combines traditional yoga and breath with functional movement and strength training.  

Shoulder Reset: Push and Pull

Strengthen your healthy shoulder movement in walking and running!  This class is will train your shoulders into the push and pull that happens with every step you take.     

Hip Flexor Flow

Tight Hips?  This class is for you.  Explore building both strength and mobility while moving through a vinyasa flow that will get your heart pumping.  

Contralateral Core

This 75 min therapy flow will get you into your true core strength!   Your core is meant to work like a powerful sling, moving your whole body through dynamic movement (it is not supposed to move like a wash board!)

Ignite Your Feet

This 60 minute practice will bring your attention to the superpowers that lie dormant in your feet.  Bring your foot spring on line and increase your ability to move with grace and ease.  

Balance Foundations

Challenge and enhance your balance capabilities with this 60 minute practice.  This standing practice has options to add hand held weights and is also a great class for anyone needing to take an upper body weight bearing break.  

Go-Go Shoulders!

This class is a 60 minute practice that will challenge your shoulder strength and mobility with a vinyasa flow that incorporates plank variations and hand-held weight challenges.  

"Winter's approach to teaching anatomy is refreshing.  She combines her vast knowledge of the body with a healthy dose of humor and fun.  She is passionate about bringing students into a better understanding of their bodies and she is able to accomplish this by manking antatomy not only relatable, but also empowering and inspiring!. " - Adrianne M.   

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