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Hello!  My name is Winter Pemberton and I use the pronouns she/her.  I'm a massage therapist and movement therapy specialist.  I use a unique combination of bodywork and movement therapy to help my clients learn embodied relaxation and functional movement patterns.   My mission is to help people become their own best resource.  

As a professional in the field of exercise and movement science, I possess a wealth of academic credentials, including a B.S. degree in Exercise and Movement Science and a license in Personal Training and Massage Therapy. Moreover, I firmly believe that learning is a lifelong pursuit and, as such, I am always eager to expand my knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest scientific findings. I continue to study and gain invaluable experience and insights that allow me to better understand the complexities of the human body and help my clients achieve their movement and massage goals in the most effective and sustainable ways possible.


My Mission

My mission is to compassionately guide you on your journey towards aging gracefully and living your best life. As we age, society's expectations don't always align with the reality of our biological processes. Rather than accepting the misconception that we are slowly deteriorating each day, I believe in celebrating life to the fullest until our last breath. With my experience and expertise, I will help you tap into your innate ability to heal, relax, and break free from old patterns of movement. Through purposeful training and mindful living, you can become your own best resource and live life to the fullest at any age.

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