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Hello!  My name is Winter Pemberton and I use the pronouns she/her.  I'm a massage therapist and movement therapy specialist.  I use a unique combination of bodywork and movement therapy to help my clients learn embodied relaxation and functional movement patterns.   My mission is to help people become their own best resource.  

My academic credentials  include a B.S. in Exercise and Movement Science as well as a License in Personal Training and Massage Therapy. I am a life long learner and continue to train and explore as science and life experience develop and change. 


My Mission

My mission is to help you become your own best resource and age into your best self.  Our social and cultural constructs around aging don't line up with what is actually happening on a biological level.  We are not dying a little every day! In truth, we are fully alive until the moment we die!  You can harness your innate ability to heal, relax, and change your habitual movement patterns.  Through conscious living and purposeful training, you can learn to live your best life at any age. 

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