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Take ownership of your movement nutrition. Just like water and healthy foods, our body also needs movement throughout the day to function optimally.  


Our bodies need movement all day for us to feel alive all day!  Saving all of your movement for  just one or two hours a day will not get your where you want to be! It's simple: for a week, you live with a 20-minute timer throughout your day no matter what! Every 20 minutes, take a one minute movement break (you don’t even have to get up from your desk!).  At  the end of your day you will have already put in 24 minutes of active movement. This small amount of movement will give you the energy and clarity to exercise, get out in nature, be more present with your loved ones, and make wise nutritional choices. This challenge will help you see your movement nutrition differently!

Below are  One Minute Movement Videos to help you get inspired

This video has been deleted.