These classes are designed to empower you in your quest to be pain free and dynamic in your body.

Each class includes:

*a dive into the anatomy and the why behind the therapy

*step-by-step instruction thru expertly crafted self-massage and movement therapy routines

*supplemental pre and post self-care recommendations

Neck Yourself

It is time to permanently get that kink out of your neck! This session will teach you fundamental movements and self massage techniques that will re-train your neck to move in synchronicity with your shoulders and back.

Happy Hips: IT Band

This is a session for walking and running enthusiests and anyone whole feels stuck around the IT band.  

Spring in Your Step

The bone structure and soft tissue system of your foot is designed to spring, jump, and respond to the force and load of gravity.  This session will help ignite the foot spring that is your birth right!

Shoulder Reset: Foundations

Should Reset is a three part physical therapy series that will reset the shape and movement capabilities of your shoulder girdle.   The foundations session will teach you  the first massage and movement steps you need to take in order to begin ressetting your shoulder for optimal performance.  

Shoulder Reset:  Deep

The session is the second in a series dedicated to rehabbing and refining the tissue and movement in the shoulder girdle.  After taking both the the shoulder reset foundations and deep massage classes, check out the yoga conditioning class titled "shoulder reset: push and pull" to create a complete protocol for a shoulder reset! 

Unlock Your Jaw

This massage and movement sequence is the perfect protocal for anyone working with tension or TMJ symptoms.  You will learn both external and interoral techneques that will truly make a difference!

Knee Repair

In this session you will learn an effective self-massage and movement therapy sequence that  will support your  knee repair and maintenance.   This session couples well with the "Spring in Your Step" session if your aim is to create a total rehab protocol for the lower leg region.

"It wasn't until I started tissue rehab therapy and yoga therapeutics with Winter that I finally felt like I started to truly heal" - Jessika L.

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